[digiKam-users] tagging when exporting

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 08:58:50 BST 2018

Hi all

I'm using Flickr to publish my pictures (should be the same for any 
other web based tools) , and I'm often wondering when looking my 
pictures in DK , which ones has been uploaded.

one option is to manually put a tag once the file has been uploaded, but 
not really efficient (often forgoting to make it and too manual)

I looked at the batch queue management tool in DK, but didn't find how 
to include export and tag into the batch queue

In the export queue, there is an option to add a tag, but , unless I 
miss something, it add the tags in the exported pictures, not in the 
original ones.

just would like to get your feedabck and your experience on this.



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