[digiKam-users] KDE vs appimage

leoutation at gmx.fr leoutation at gmx.fr
Fri Sep 7 17:52:14 BST 2018

On 9/7/18 6:00 PM, digikam at 911networks.com wrote:
rgmoter at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Yeah I already know that and wonder why just slightly different KDE
>> (still KDE5 anyway) behaves so terribly while others are lucky
>> users of multimonitor setups. Strange that Debian 9 is working fine
>> while kubuntu is not.
Ubuntu, Kubuntu,  are based  on Debian unstable/Sid. That's why they are 
so buggy.
If you want stable system, install stable distro like Debian, Mageia, 
Suse, etc...

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