[digiKam-users] images previously managed by Picasa

Tytoalba tytoalba58 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 23:04:56 GMT 2018

I've recently decided to use Digikam 5.9 on linuxmint 18.3, and I'm
studying how the program works.
I met this difficulty:
in some photos of my collection (previously managed by Picasa) there are
some keywords.
Using Exiftool I want to add more keywords to groups of images:

    exiftool  -keywords + = "$ {XTAG}" -overwrite_original -ext .jpg -ext
.arw "$ {Xpath}"
    exiftool '-keywords + <$ {make;} _ $ {model;}' -overwrite_original -ext
.jpg -ext .arw "$ {Xpath}"

this works well, and the keywords are correctly written in the file and
them are visible with the command
    exiftool -keywords -rating -colorlabel -picklabel -ext.jpg -ext .arw "$

When these files are uploaded to digikam, some keywords are not visible:
images with keywords inserted with exiftool: everything is ok!
in digikam the keywords are visible in:
"Thumnails icons view"
"Properties"> digiKam Properties> Tags: .....
"Metadata"> IPTC> IIM Application 2> .... (I do not know what it is ...)
"Filter"> Tags Filter> ....
and also you can search and find the keywords by "Filter".

But in the files that have a keyword previously inserted by Picasa the
keywords added by exiftool are only visible in "Metadata"> IPTC> IIM
Application 2> ....
In "Thumnails" in "Properties" and in "Icons View" there is the original
keyword but not the ones added with exiftool.
More, in "Filter" the keywords are not recognized ....
Exactly the same happens with Digikam 6.0.
Any suggestion?
sorry for my english!
Thanks for any help!
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