[digiKam-users] Much slower dk 6b2

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 3 19:22:06 GMT 2018

Out of curiosity, I decided to measure the loading time of my Digikam (6.0b2)
database (SQLite). Both the pictures (around 96383) and the database are
stored in a network drive. The network drive is accessed via Wifi
(802.11ac). The maximum transfer speed I get is around 3-4MB/s (I know...).


0s  Click on Digikam's icon.
43s The splash screen appears.
2m52s The main interface loads.
6m46s Digikam finishes scanning for new items (there were no new items).

Total 6 minutes and 46 seconds from launching the program until it's usable.
At that point, it's fully responsible and can be used with normality. I
couldn't say if it's faster or slower than 5.9, though.

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