[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

Simon Cropper scropper at botanicusaustralia.com.au
Wed Mar 28 02:17:20 BST 2018

It is usually things like curly brackets and em-dash characters that 
make it into paths.

If your European characters are coming through your don't had CP-1252, 
probably using CP-1251 (see potential alternatives here 

Here is a thread that can help you determine the code page your system 
is using 

On 27/03/18 22:33, karsten_df wrote:
> Simon Cropper wrote
>> Windows uses Code Page 1252 (i.e. CP-1252 or Windows-1252) not UTF-8.
>> Problems will only occur if any unique CP-1252 characters are used in
>> any text strings... UTF-8 gets confused otherwise no error occurs.
> that's interesting.. from the CP1252 table in Wikipedia, for which
> characters would you expect to see problems?
> German 'Umlaute' äüö, or the 'ß' character are correctly displayed across
> platforms, both in filenames and digikam internal descriptions. Same for the
> Euro currency symbol "€".
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Cheers Simon

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