[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

Stefan Mueller stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 13:29:57 BST 2018

thx for the great input/guiding, I'm following your discussion closely.

In the beginning you mentioned that you set up a dedicated MariaDB. I've
got a NAS what gives me same option, how did you set up the access rights
etc for the digikam DB?

In addition I would like to extend the scope of this guide. What is the
best practice adapting this configuration to be able to edit selected files
when your are on the move?
The point is that when I travel I've got a plenty of time for that diligent
but routine piece of work of rating and tagging all my pictures.
If I put all pictures into this central database I would like to be able to
extract a certain unprocessed share and edit locally when I'm on a train
As soon as I will have reliable access to this DB (via VPN) again, I want
to return those files.
How would you proceed to do that?
In regard to this process I hope that wish *Bug 389680*
<https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=389680> * - **prompt to relocate
missing files* is incorporated  in digikam 6+

thanks a lot


2018-03-27 13:33 GMT+02:00 karsten_df <karsten.defreese at posteo.de>:

> Simon Cropper wrote
> > Windows uses Code Page 1252 (i.e. CP-1252 or Windows-1252) not UTF-8.
> > Problems will only occur if any unique CP-1252 characters are used in
> > any text strings... UTF-8 gets confused otherwise no error occurs.
> that's interesting.. from the CP1252 table in Wikipedia, for which
> characters would you expect to see problems?
> German 'Umlaute' äüö, or the 'ß' character are correctly displayed across
> platforms, both in filenames and digikam internal descriptions. Same for
> the
> Euro currency symbol "€".
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