[digiKam-users] DigiKam and multiple computers -- best practices

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:33:20 BST 2018

Hi all,

It will be a good idea to resume well the experience here in the official
documentation or a wiki page...

These kind of information are missing and can be usefull for other users.


Gilles Caulier

2018-03-27 7:44 GMT+02:00 karsten_df <karsten.defreese at posteo.de>:

> woenx wrote
> > The linux machine uses UTF-8, but the windows 10 computer just said
> > "System". I think everything was displayed correctly in digikam, but I'm
> > afraid of corrupting data. Anyone had some experience with this?
> Same thing here - it seems WIN10 uses utf-8 internally (but a specific
> locale can be set for applications not supporting utf-8). So far I have not
> come across any problems apart from the warning message, but my experience
> is limited.
> If there really are no issues with this configuration, it may make sense to
> have an option to disable the warning.
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