[digiKam-users] Migration fro Lightroom 4.4 to Digikam 5.5.0

jonjt jjthompson488 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 22:23:28 GMT 2018

Hello Everyone,
I need some help migrating from Lightroom 4.4 to Digikam 5.5.0.  I've added
my collection to Digikam and loaded a few images that I know I've edited. 
However, it seems to me that the sidecar files (*.xmp where the * is the
.cr2's file name) are being ignored.  I believe this is happening because
Lightroom 4.4 doesn't use a standard method of populating those sidecar
files.  As such, I suspect that the only way to preserve the post processing
I've done for the ~10,000 raw files is to convert them all to .dngs or
.tiffs with the current changes applied.  I could do this by installing
Lightroom 4.4 on this same PC, as I have Windows 10 also installed
(although, I've had no need to use it, heretofore!).  Is there any other
method I could use to apply previous changes?  I don't know much about
Digikam so, I thought it prudent to ask the forum, beforehand.  I also
noticed that all of the EXIF data is gone, as well (aside from my name).  Is
there a way to import the keywords from Lightroom 4.4?

Note that I have searched past posts and come to find that other people have
asked similar questions, before.  However, the versions of Digikam used were
different and the challenges weren't exactly the same.  I suspect that I
will have to use the aforementioned solution but, I just wanted to check
before I do the work.


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