[digiKam-users] Versioning of processed photos

NeiNei neinei at gmx.net
Wed Mar 14 07:44:55 GMT 2018

Hi there,

thanks Marcel for bringing light on this functionality. I was not aware 
on this backed function at all.

However, I think it would be better than the situation now. At the 
moment, I change the name of my external edited/manipulated images with 
adding  a "_v1", "_v2", ... to their file names, so that I could 
differentiate it in in DigiKam, i.e. file 2244.jpg is the original file 
and then 2244_v1.jpg is the externally manipulated file.

But it would be really an advantage if the versioning could be done in 
DigiKam itself with just the information "x25 externally 
edited/manipulated image, derived from original image x24".

Perhaps bringing this "hidden functionality" to the Digikam frontend 
would be an option for DK 5.9 or DK 6?

On 13.03.2018 21:13, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> There is not much it can do...it cannot know what happened.
> There is backend support for manual change recording (you tell digikam that
> file x25 is derived from file x24) but I think this was never added to the UI.
>> How does digiKam handle changes made from external programs (like
>> RawTherappee)?

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