[digiKam-users] Version 6 idea: store thumbnails as JPEG instead of PGF

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:01:56 GMT 2018


Typically, using JPEG as a really disadvantage about thumbnail quality,
especially with Hdpi screen. For that, I'm not favorable to propose JPEG as
thumbs storage in DB.

But i still open. Your request is to create a digiKam back-end to a
web-based view photo collections. There are other standards for the web,
emerging step by step, based on wavelets compression, as Webp or Heic.


Both Webp and Heic are supported by ImageMagick, so PHP must do the
conversion in background :


In other words, we need space optimization, quality and speed. For the 2
first ones, JPEG is not the right solution.

Else about PGF, which is not supported by ImageMagick, a simple converter
exists with libpgf, and can be called easily by PHP on you web server...



Gilles Caulier
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