[digiKam-users] In which folder Digikam puts its database?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 19:38:43 GMT 2018

I assume you're using linux. In my case (ubuntu 16.04), the three database
files (digikam4.db, thumbnails-digikam.db and recognition.db) are located in
/home/<username>/Pictures by default. If your computer is configured in
another language, the name of the folder can change (e.g.
/home/<username>/Images ?)

If you are not sure of which set of databases is the right one, I'd first
back them up (just copy them in some other place) in case you break

You can tell Digikam the location of your database in "Settings, Configure
digikam, Database", where you can enter (or browse) the path to your

In the case you changed where your pictures are stored, digikam may not find
them because the database tells it where to look for them. There is a simple
change you can make to correct the path to your collections, but you need a
software to edit the database, like "sqlitebrowser".

Follow the instructions in this page in order to do so:

I hope I helped!

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