[digiKam-users] Difference between face tag and normal tag?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 13:37:51 GMT 2018

I see.

I've been trying to figure it out. I think it goes like this:

- Pictures with tagged faces appear both in the /Tag /panel and the /People

- If the /face tag/ and the /regular tag/ match (identically spelled), they
only appear once.
   - When selecting that tag, the /People/ panel only shows those pictures
with that face, and the /Tag/ panel shows only whose with the /regular tag/
(well, this makes sense).

- If the /face tag/ and the /regular tag/ are spelled differently, the tag
appears twice in the /Tag /panel: once for the /regular tag/, and another
for the /face tag/.
   - The "People" panel will only show the tag corresponding to the faces,
not the other.

- A subcategory called "People" (or the corresponding word in your language)
is created in the Tag hierarchy, but tags meeting the following criteria
will appear inside:
   - Pictures with a tag that only contain /face tags/ but no regular tags
with the same name.
   - Tags of pictures that contain a /face tag/ and a /regular tag/ with the
same name, and appear in exactly the same amount of pictures. (So if a
picture has 30 regular tags with my name, but only 29 face tags with the
same name, it will appear just once, but outside the "People" subdivision.
   - In the rest of the cases, the tag (face or regular) will appear as a
first-level tag, not inside of "people".

- The only way of knowing if a tag is a /face tag/ is right clicking on
them, and see if the ""Mark as Face Tag" option appears.
   - There's the potential risk of losing the "face rectangles" if you try
to merge the two similarly spelled tags and chose the one which is not a
/face tag/.

- There's no possible way of knowing which pictures within a Tag have been
Face-tagged (unless you open them one by one).

God, this is confusing. I wish face and regular tags were treated
independently from each other... At least having different icons for them
would help.

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