[digiKam-users] 5.6.0 crash-pictures gone-drive space still allocated

HaJo Schatz hajo at hajo.net
Thu Mar 8 03:27:50 GMT 2018

Try e.g. ncdu in a terminal to locate your 100G data. Then back up this
data without the use of digikam. Once you have a backup, you can go back to
trying figure out digikam...

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On Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 3:25 AM, rutile <rutile at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am travelling, and have a 'new' laptop with Digikam 5.6.0 on Ubuntu 17.10
> Short Version:
> After a Digikam glitch, Digikam has restarted as a new installation, and
> all
> my pictures located in the /Pictures folder on the internal SSD card are
> missing, but hard drive space is still allocated to them.
> Long Version:
> I have my images and Digikam database in /home/me/Pictures.
> I copied the subfolders in my Pictures folders to an external hard drive
> (~100 GB), using the file manager.  The external hard drive was a database
> connection in Digikam as a removable hard drive, originally with a separate
> set of images.
> After a short trip, I restarted my computer, and my original file structure
> was fine, and Digikam operated as usual.  I copied the contents of an SD
> card to a new folder created in Digikam, and worked with the pictures after
> copying.  I then copied the contents of a second SD card to a new folder on
> the external hard drive using the file manager.  (the last two sentences
> are
> correct to the best of my recollection), while Digikam was still open.
> While the files were copying to the external hard drive, I tried to use
> Digikam to open an image in the Digikam database in a folder in /Pictures.
> Digikam gave an error "cannot open image".  I shut digikam, and reopened
> it,
> and Digikam started from scratch with the option to set the database
> locations.
> According to the fresh restart of Digikam, and the file manager, my
> /home/me/Pictures folder is empty except for newly created Digikam database
> files, and a 24.6 kb cache folder (plus empty Presets folder).  However,
> the
> available hard drive space shows only 28GB available out of a 256 GB SSD
> drive, reflecting the presence of the missing ~100 GB of pictures.
> A folder on the Desktop containing pictures that was also in the Digikam
> database is apparently unaffected by this glitch.
> 1)  Is there anyway to recover the images from my laptop SSD drive?  Is
> there drive space allocated to the new "digikam trash" somewhere that they
> might be hiding?  I had not backed up the Digikam database.  The copies on
> the external hard drive seem to be OK, but now I'm back to just one copy of
> the these once in a lifetime images, and that is making me nervous- i'd
> like
> to recover any images from the SSD card, and am trying to limit any writing
> to the disk until I resolve this, meaning new images are being only copied
> to the external hard drive.
> 2) if the images are not recoverable, how do I free up the hard drive space
> that is being allocated to them?
> Thanks
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