[digiKam-users] Versioning of processed photos

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Mar 7 20:36:08 GMT 2018

yes it does...
there is no standard (at least was not 8 years ago)
we assign a unique id to edited images,
we store the history as XML in Xmp.digiKam.ImageHistory that refers to among 
others to this id, and some secondary identifiers like filename / file size 

> Is there any metadata associated with a final photo that indicates its
> "source", the original file it started with?
> I'm working with digiKam as my DAM, and using RawTherappee and occasionally
> LightZone to process photos.  I'm also learning how to use the queues to
> processed RAW photos within DigiKam.
> I'm thinking that if I start off with MyPhoto.RAW, I can create derivative
> photos from it and preserve the history by using filenames, e.g.
> MyPhoto.RAF
> MyPhoto.thumb.jpeg
> MyPhoto.bw.jpeg
> MyPhoto.final.jpeg
> Is that the best way?  Or is there metadata somewhere that points back to
> the original photos (Sidecar file, EXIF, etc.)
> I figure this must be a pretty common question, and that maybe DigiKam
> already handles it.
> Thanks,
> Tac

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