[digiKam-users] In search of a faster wordpress workflow

Julien Coubronne julien at coubronne.net
Tue Mar 6 17:35:59 GMT 2018

Hi everyone,
I use Digikam (5.8.0 on Windows) mostly to select and publish pictures 
on a Wordpress blog.

My current workflow is the following:

  * Import pictures in DK, group pictures (I shoot RAW+JPEG but only use
    JPEG so far).
  * "Cull" pictures (delete the bad ones, highlight the one I want to
    keep with stars)
  * Once culled, I populate for each a Title and a Legend. Both fields
    are later recognised in wordpress.
  * Then I sometime process the pictures within the editor (crop, auto
  * I resize and rename the pictures with the batch processing (sometime
    use auto levels in batch as well). The reduced pictures are put in
    an "upload" folder
  * I upload the pictures in Wordpress using the Wordpress interface.
  * Once in Wordpress, I can use my images.

This takes a LOT of time. I'm looking for any ideas on how to speed up 
this process ?

As far as I searched, there is no export plugin that works with 
Wordpress. The closest solution I have seen (but not tried) would be an 
export to email (from Digikam) + publish by email (in wordpress) 
However this approach is to publish post directly, not just upload media.

Regarding Title/Legend, this is one of the longest part of the process. 
To get it faster, I copy/paste the same stuff in the two entries. Is 
there a way (user script?) to do that automatically? Is there a way to 
assign the "TAB" key to switch between text area (instead of inserting a 
tab in the text area) ?

Regarding the resize, one issue: the batch processing should allow to 
resize "by %". This is actually possible from the editor ("Transform > 
Resize"). I'm stitching a lot of panorama and usually resize them by 50% 
(instead of a fixed length/width).

Are there any plans to have a similar plugin in Digikam as LR/Blog 
(https://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/lrblog.php) or WP/LR 
Sync (http://apps.meow.fr/wplr-sync/) ? How could I contribute to that ?

Many thanks for any tips.


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