[digiKam-users] exifdata not read consistently

Andrey Goreev aegoreev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 13:54:01 GMT 2018

I noticed such behavior too. What I also noticed is that usually digikam will show the image in the right place according to the sort order and will show tags, etc. after awhile. Not after re-reading the metadata from the image and not after refreshing the album but after some time.

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Hi there,

sorry if the question has been raised before.
I have a little problem with exif data. I use rawtherapee to develop
raws (dng) to png. Due to that exif data is not preserved and I work
around that by using exiftool -tagsfromfile to copy them from existing
jpg or dng to corresponding png (definetely missing the import of exif
data digikam used to have, unless it's hiding somewhere I don't find it).
That works fine, when I check with exiftool, all the copied data is
there. In digikam, this sometimes works fine, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes digikam takes shows all the copied data, sometimes part
(especially it gets the dates wrong, but there might be other mismatches
I'm missing) and sometimes none of the data. I can't see any rhyme or
reason, which makes tracking a bit tricky.
With the last image that happened I tried around a little bit, deleted
all exif data (exiftool -all= img.png), renamed the xmp file and copied
the exif data again (exiftool -tagsfromfile img.jpg img.png). With
exiftool the expected happened - first no exif data, then the jpgs exif
In digikam, the deleted data is taken just fine, digikam not showing
anything. But the copied data doesn't show up, even after having digikam
re-read the data.
One other image in the same folder, taken on the same day with the same
camera and same sd-card is working just fine - copied tags once and
digikam immediately showed them.

Is this a (known) bug or am I missing something?

Digikam is appimage 5.8.0 on sabayon linux.

Andreas Ege

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