Two important things Digikam misses (IMHO)

mahikeulbody mahikeulbody at
Tue Jan 16 13:34:12 GMT 2018

I follow Digikam since many years. It is a fantastic software now !But it
misses two important things (at least to me) which don't let me use it yet
:- the ability to edit metadata of several photos *simply*. Registered forms
is useful for some repetitive schemes but it is to complicated/unusable for
metadata related to only a few photos. A good exemple of an efficient
ergonomy is FastPhotoTagger.- the ability to do search for any xmp metadata
(such as City or Location as an exemple). Some software (windows only) let
you choice the subset of metadata to put in DB when creating it.(sorry for
my bad english, I am french)

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