[digiKam-users] raw edition: defalt objective not recognize

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 10:40:58 GMT 2018

It's simple : the lens database from LensFun library take age. In fact
LensFun still frozen to last stable while bundle are created : 0.3.2

I talk with Lensfun team in project forum, to have an update of the
library, but sound like the code have been re-written indeed and is not yet
enough mature. The problem is : 0.3.2 release date come from 2015...

There is a file in bugzilla to update the lens database independently of
source code. I don't yet investigate this solution.

But you have a technical solution, already talk in this room: put the Lens
database update (XML files) in your home directory (in a specific
directory), and run digiKam. It will try to open files and work with it as

Sourceforge Lensfun project file is unavailable now, so i cannot point to
the right page about the details of a local database.

Gilles Caulier

2018-02-25 10:53 GMT+01:00 frederic chaume <frederic.chaume at gmail.com>:

> Hi all
> I have a problem this morning when editing the raw files I just made. (I'm
> using 5.8.0 on windows)
> I have a camera LUMIX FZ300, and I have imported pictures into digikam.
> When looking at the RW2 file from digikam it sounds correct and the JPG too
> (I used RAW+JPG in my camera)
> Problem comes when I'm using the editor to open the RW2 file, it is
> presented with a high distorsion. So I select the automatic lens correction
> menu, and I see the model proposedis FZ150.
> so I select FZ200 (as it uses the same lens than FZ300) and apply it, and
> now it is ok.
> for information, the option "use metadata" is selected  (it indicates
> partial match and model used is FZ150)
> That could be ok except that I just opened another RW2 file I took 2 weeks
> ago with the same camera and the result is completely different (with same
> option). By default, the picture doesn't show any distortion in the editor.
> Only difference I notice is that in that case "automatic lens correction "
> is not activated unless I click on "use default settings",  and in that
> case the same model is selected (FZ150) and this conduct to an important
> distortion)
> so my questions are  :
> - why there is a different behavior when editing 2 differents raw (taken
> by the same camera), and more generally how to get a normal picytire when
> opening a Raw file
> - why , while  "using matadata" is selected, the model is FZ150
> - how to get FZ300 model in the list and to  get it selected by default
> Hope I've been clear enough, if clarification needed, I can send some
> screenshot
> thanks for your help
> frederic
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