[digiKam-users] raw edition: defalt objective not recognize

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 09:53:25 GMT 2018

Hi all

I have a problem this morning when editing the raw files I just made. 
(I'm using 5.8.0 on windows)

I have a camera LUMIX FZ300, and I have imported pictures into digikam. 
When looking at the RW2 file from digikam it sounds correct and the JPG 
too (I used RAW+JPG in my camera)

Problem comes when I'm using the editor to open the RW2 file, it is 
presented with a high distorsion. So I select the automatic lens 
correction menu, and I see the model proposedis FZ150.

so I select FZ200 (as it uses the same lens than FZ300) and apply it, 
and now it is ok.

for information, the option "use metadata" is selected  (it indicates 
partial match and model used is FZ150)

That could be ok except that I just opened another RW2 file I took 2 
weeks ago with the same camera and the result is completely different 
(with same option). By default, the picture doesn't show any distortion 
in the editor. Only difference I notice is that in that case "automatic 
lens correction " is not activated unless I click on "use default 
settings",  and in that case the same model is selected (FZ150) and this 
conduct to an important distortion)

so my questions are  :
- why there is a different behavior when editing 2 differents raw (taken 
by the same camera), and more generally how to get a normal picytire 
when opening a Raw file
- why , while  "using matadata" is selected, the model is FZ150
- how to get FZ300 model in the list and to  get it selected by default

Hope I've been clear enough, if clarification needed, I can send some 

thanks for your help

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