[DigiKam] Export to Directory? (then to Facebook)

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Wed Feb 21 14:45:13 GMT 2018

Am 21.02.2018 um 15:09 schrieb Tac Tacelosky:
> Since I can't get any of the exports to work, I'm wondering if there's a 
> way to simply export selected files to a directory, then I can use some 
> other tools to export the files in a local directory to wherever they're 
> going.
> My use case:  I've select a handful of the many photos I've taken on a 
> particular day, added a description, and now want to post them to 
> Facebook.  Since "Export to Facebook" doesn't work, I'm thinking I can 
> simply save them to a temporary directory and manually upload them to 
> Facebook.
> I could add them to a queue, then configure the queue to re-render the 
> photos to another directory, but if they're already JPEG, I don't want 
> to re-render them.  I'm thinking an "Export to Folder" would simply take 
> the selected images and copy them to folder.
> Plus, aren't queues really used for batch conversion of RAW files?  
> Definitely doesn't feel right.
> Suggestions on going forward?   I quite like DigiKam for tagging photos 
> and adding other metadata, but I'd really like to be able to post 
> selected photos to Facebook and Flickr with that metadata.
> Thanks,
> Tac

I don't really understand the problem...

Just make a new album in digikam (an album is nothing else than a 
directory or folder on your disk). Select the images you want to copy 
(you can select multiples, or also use a filter, stars, keyword, 
whatever), drag and drop them to the new album, and say "copy". (Make 
sure you "copy" and *not* "move")

You can then use any directory tool (don't know your system, explorer or 
whatever) to see the album.

When you don't need the album anymore just delete it. When deleting it, 
say "delete definitively" instead of moving to trash. You can do that in 
digikam or with the directory tool.


If very often use such "temporary directories" or albums, especially 
when I want to copy a selection to somewhere else or need a list of only 
the selected ones...

Daniel Bauer photographer Basel Barcelona

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