How to Just Use Digikam Users' Web Site Without Receiving Email

ralphl lachenmaier at
Mon Feb 12 23:29:49 GMT 2018

I would like to continue participation in the Digikam Users' web site, being
able to post questions and respond to others' questions, but not receive all
the email.  I would just read email questions from the web site and post
from the web site.  I tried to do this by going the web site, selecting
"more options" at the top center, clicking "Turn off mail delivery".  Doing
this brings up the message " The request to turn off list mail delivery from
digikam-users at to your email address (lachenmaier at has been
submitted. You should not receive any more messages from this mailing list
at this email address."

However, I continue to receive emails.  Would somebody tell me how I can
turn off the emails.

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