How to compare two albums?

Peter Albrecht peter at
Fri Feb 9 13:07:38 GMT 2018

Hi Christian,

another trick, which I use sometimes in digiKam 4.4.0 (but I guess this will
work in your digiKam version, too):
Seeing the results of your search (thumbnails) in the main middle view of
digiKam, you can hit CTRL+A to select all photos of the search result. Then hit
CTRL+C. This will copy a list of all selected files to the clipboard:


You can paste this in a texteditor and compare this textfile to another textfile
created by another search result or album view. I guess Meld
( will be a good choice to compare textfiles.
(Thanks Marie-Noƫlle for this recommendation.)


On 08.02.2018 23:06, CD.Graesser wrote:
> How can i compare  1700 filtered images (all from 2017 with star rating 4)
> with  a folder/album  that contains  1500 images to find the missing ones
> and copy only those.
> The problem came up while i wanted to copy the 1700 filtered images into a
> new album, but after 1500 image the harddrive was full and the copying
> stopped. How do i know which are missing?
> Thanks for the help
> Christian

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