Tag hierarchy confusion

Richard B. Emerson svowtw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 05:37:53 GMT 2018

(short time listener, first time caller)

I'm going through the arduous task of making sense of... same old story.

My problem is with the hierarchy of tags. Specifically, I want to use only
a root level tag with a picture. That is, the picture belongs to the root
tag, but none of the branches. In other words the root tag is being used as
"group of all things (root tag name)". For example /house has sub-tags
front, back, bottom, top or /house/front /house/back, etc. I have a picture
that I want to tag only as /house. At the moment, if I click on /house, all
sub-tags (front, back, top, and bottom) are also marked. I'm sure that
earlier, if I clicked on /house, that's all that was marked.

Somewhere in my learning process I seem to have set "click on root, get all
branches" in using tags.
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