How to compare two albums?

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Fri Feb 9 13:06:38 GMT 2018

Double commander does this. I think it is available for every platform. It is open source for sure.

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On Linux, you can use Meld to make such comparisons.


2018-02-09 10:02 GMT+01:00 Andrew Goodbody <ajg02 at>:
I use Beyond Compare by Scooter Software. Its not free in any sense but it is the best comparison GUI that I know of and I have paid to use it at home and work bought me a copy as well.

There are other solutions out there, just Google for 'directory comparison program' and you'll get many hits.


On 09/02/18 06:44, NeiNei wrote:

Hi Martin,

just out of curiosity.

Would there be also a DigiKam built-in solution for this problem? If not something with GUI outside DigiKam?



On 08.02.2018 23:34, Martin Burnicki wrote:

CD.Graesser wrote:

How can i compare  1700 filtered images (all from 2017 with star rating

4) with  a folder/album  that contains  1500 images to find the missing

ones and copy only those.

The problem came up while i wanted to copy the 1700 filtered images into

a new album, but after 1500 image the harddrive was full and the copying

stopped. How do i know which are missing?

Albums are simply directories, so you could just open a command line

window, list the files, pipe the output into a text file and compare the

text files from both directories.

The exact commands depend on the OS you are running: Linux? Windows?


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