Removing image from the database (after deleting picture)

woenx marcpalaus at
Mon Feb 5 17:04:45 GMT 2018

I am currently refreshing and cleaning the whole database, let's see if that
works, although it's going to take a while.

But basically that's what I did. Using windows file manager, I moved some
pictures from one folder to another. Then in digikam (which was already
open), I refreshed the original album in order to get rid of the removed
pictures, but nothing happened, they are still there. I also re-read the
metadata for that album, to no avail. 

I think they should disappear automatically or at least have some option to
"update" the contents of the album.

I'm using digikam 5.8.0 on Windows 10 64 bit, by the way.

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