DLNA Server as standlone to be deployed on servers

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 22:08:24 BST 2017


I spare a lots of time to restaure the older Upnp/DLNA support on digiKam,
previously based on Hupnp library.

This summer a student has rewritten the code with a Qt5 ported version of
Hupnp, but i'm not satisfied by the result, especially with the server
feature which take a while to be discovered (30 s), and sometime not,
depending on the network configuration.

So i re-study the project from scratch, and remove the student
implmentation as well. I know since a lots of time some alternative to
Hupnp :

- MiniDlna : it create a dedicated sqlite database that we don't want and
it's not available as library. I tested this server and it's not very
stable with large files to share. Streaming video do not work.
- Kodi : this media center has a DLNA server inside, based on Platinium
framework. I use this way to implement the DLNA server in digiKam.


I implemented a dedicated media server with Platinum (and Neptune)
Frameworks in digiKam. Platinum provide a test code to make quickly a
simple files sharing media server. It can share image, audio and video, but
it's very limited, as image files are shared as well and for huge images
this can break the stream with client DLNA application. For video, a stream
is provided and it work properly.

The digiKam implementation come with several improvements done by me :

- Server detection very fast (one second).
- RAW files support. The original media server only support JPEG, PNG and
- Image preview to reduce data to share on the network.
- Virtual album supports. We can share Tags, Labels, Rating and search
- Port code to compile properly under MacOS and Windows. The code taken
from Kodi, even if a lots of patches is applied against original
implementation taken from github repository do not compile properly outside

The client DLNA applications support that i tested are : many Ipad & iPhone
DLNA viewer, Sony Bravia TV, Kodi media center, XBox 360, etc... There is
no Andriod device here, but i'm sure that it will work properly with many
applications. After all DLNA/Upnp are well standardized.

For your wish, i'm not sure that you want to do exactly. If you want only a
media server to share files from FS on your NAS, the Platinum
FileMediaServer test application can be enough (or miniDlna). If you want
to share the DK collections through DLNA without the DK GUI, this require
some important tunes in the current DK implementation to isolate the media
server. It's can be done, but it will take time.

VoilĂ ... Comments are welcome...

Gilles Caulier

2017-10-17 17:14 GMT+02:00 Stefan Mueller <stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com>:

> Hallo,
> is there any chance to extract the DLNA Server package from digiKam and
> run as standalone on a NAS.
> It offers the features what I've been looking for for ages.
> thx
> stefan
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