Face Recognition - Scanning faces results -> keep pictures in list until manual refresh & bulk set and confirm face

Stefan Mueller stefan.mueller.83 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 13:35:05 BST 2017

may I haven't discovered the corresponding in some sub menue yet but two
things driving me crazy.

   1. It's seems not possible to bulk change the person tag of recognized
   faces easily and confirm all of them. Currently I mark several pics, where
   it's wrong that trying to hoover the mouse properly above a thumbnail and
   hope that the person tag field appears. Than I type in the name and press
   enter. That is more fiddling around with the pics than a quick and easy
   confirmation of recognized faces.
   Is there any possibility to e.g. select faces via the context menu and
   get them confirm in the same instant, adding person tag doesn't work that

   2. When I change and/or confirm a recognized face it disappear
   immediately from the *Unconfirmed *collection (same in other
   collection). As digiKam takes a moment to refresh the collection and
   thumbnails moving up and down until all non relevant photos are disappeared
   I've already confirmed some face tags accidentally although the tag is
   Is it possible to prevent auto-refresh and have it be done by the users
   May you can even add a timer what shows up in the process bar what will
   auto refresh if some users prefer to see all happening automatically.


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