Problems with icons in album display

Stuart T Rogers stuart at
Mon Oct 2 23:20:12 BST 2017

Well I've made a little progress.... I tried various combinations of 
settings in digikam and my system. I have oxygen icons as default for 
the system and digikam should use the system default but it was not 
happening so much so that after trying various things I could get 
nothing but breeze no matter what was specified in miscellaneous 
settings in digikam. So I fixed it by editing the digikamrc file while 
digikam was closed as the icon values were blank, setting them to oxygen 
worked, so now digikam displays the correct icons. However it does seem 
like there could be a problem in digikam somewhere.


On 02/10/17 10:06, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
> I have just had to re-install my openSUSE Tumbleweed system and having 
> got digikam back (5.7) it all works apart from the icons showing in the 
> left side panel on the album display. It shows the correct folder icon 
> for the main collections but each of the sub-directories within each 
> collection shows a different icon which looks weird. Seems like the 
> collection icons are Oxygen (correct) but the sub-directory icons are 
> Breeze (incorrect). Both icon sets are installed and Oxygen is set as 
> default for system.
> How do I fix this please?
> Stuart


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