Right click on multiple images - Move to Album isn't working

Andrey Goreev aegoreev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 19:24:29 GMT 2017

I faced a very weird behaviour this morning actually.Select multiple files - right click- Move to Album - select album - ok....pictures are still in the original album...Press F5 - they are still there...Open the destination folder in Dolphin - the pictures are in there too.....Go back to digikam - delete the pictures from the original album...Go back to Dolphin - picture are gone from the destination folder too.
Terminal was spamming " can't read metadata from .mp4 " so I didn't not notice anything unusual there.

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No problem to use this feature here too. Tested under Centos and Mageia
Gilles Caulier
2017-11-23 19:19 GMT+01:00 Maik Qualmann <metzpinguin at gmail.com>:
No problem here under openSUSE, works as expected. Does the dialog for album

selection appear?


Am Donnerstag, 23. November 2017, 16:21:23 CET schrieb Andrey Goreev:

> Could anyone try to reproduce on the latest appimage please?

> It seems like it is not working on my openSUSE.

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