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Daniel Bauer linux at
Fri Nov 17 19:10:57 GMT 2017

Am 17.11.2017 um 19:55 schrieb Martin Burnicki:
> jdd at wrote:
>> I forgot to plug the usb before launching digikam, and I had to stop
>> digikam, plug, then restart digikam and now digikam is scanning the
>> collection as a new one (probably more than 30 mn long, not ended yet)
>> how could I warn digikam than these collections are on removable disk?
>> thanks
>> jdd
> I think I remember that DK asked me if it should mark a collection as
> "removable" when it was configured but the drive was not mounted when DK
> started. Don't remember which DK version that was, though.
> BTW, I found it strange that I could still see previews of images on the
> removable drive, even if the drive was not connected at all.
> Martin

I use removable collections on my laptop. Once it was scanned for the 
first time, the thumbs/previews and the album tree of the removable disk 
are always visible, whether the disk is plugged or not.

I guess, this is an advantage (for me it's a bit confusing, but I got 
used to it).

Now, when I start digikam with plugged disk, it checks the whole disk 
again each time and I have to wait...

Bit I found a work-around: start digikam /without/ the external disk, 
and plug/mount it, when dk is already running. Then is does not re-read 
all files, but still all files are available from the album tree.

Just, if you accidentally quit digikam and start it again without first 
unplugging the external disk - you are there waiting for the re-reading. 
So: never forget to unplug the usb-disk before starting digikam...

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