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Tue Nov 14 22:21:26 GMT 2017

It might be related to how exiv2 supports the ODF file format.It should be easy to check. You can try either exiv2 direct or darktable, RPD and many others and see if they read the date/time tag correct.
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I noticed the same problem with pre-released version 5.8.0. Absolutely 
annoying is that renaming of a set of images (all taken on the same day 
but on a different time) with the option [date:"yyyy-MM-ddThh-mm-ss"] 
results in

I would expect a filename including the correct time information taken 
from the xmp:CreateDate attribute. But it seems to be that always in 
incomplete attribute photoshop:DateCreated is taken.

Does anyone have the same problem?

On 11/13/2017 10:43 PM, Jan Wolter wrote:
> Hello,
> I mentioned that the creation date of nearly all my raw files are not 
> displayed correctly in the photograph properties view: the date part 
> is correct but the time part is fixed to "1:00 AM" or "2:00 AM" 
> depending on winter or sommer time. For read-only files like raw files 
> my digikam writes/reads all metadate to/from XMP sidecar files. 
> Currently, I use digikam version 5.7.0 (AppImage).
> When I take a look in the *.xmp files, I see the following entries 
> related to dates:
> exif:DateTimeDigitized="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> exif:DateTimeOriginal="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> tiff:DateTime="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:CreateDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:MetadataDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:ModifyDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> photoshop:DateCreated="2014-07-29"
> All date related attributes except "photoshop:DateCreated" saves the 
> date including the time part. First question: Why is there a photoshop 
> related attribute? I use dk on a Linux machine, where Photoshop is not 
> present.
> In a deeper investigation of the problem, I noticed that the mentioned 
> problem applies only to all raw files which XMP sidecar files was 
> created by an older dk version (in my case dk 4.14.0). All "new" raw 
> files which sidecar files was created with digikam 5.x are displayed 
> correctly and the attribute "photoshop:DateCreated" includes the time 
> part. When I take then such a xmp file and change the attribute from
>   photoshop:DateCreated="2017-11-04T12:52:23"
> to
>   photoshop:DateCreated="2017-11-04"
> the properties view shows "11/4/17 1:00 AM" instead of "11/4/17 12:52 
> PM".
> It seems to be that digikam uses the attribute "photoshop:DateCreated" 
> exclusively instead of "xmp:CreateDate". From my point of view thats a 
> bug. Is it possible to fix it?
> Best regards,
> Jan 

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