Properties view: wrong creation date

Jan Wolter jan at
Tue Nov 14 21:59:08 GMT 2017

I noticed the same problem with pre-released version 5.8.0. Absolutely 
annoying is that renaming of a set of images (all taken on the same day 
but on a different time) with the option [date:"yyyy-MM-ddThh-mm-ss"] 
results in

I would expect a filename including the correct time information taken 
from the xmp:CreateDate attribute. But it seems to be that always in 
incomplete attribute photoshop:DateCreated is taken.

Does anyone have the same problem?

On 11/13/2017 10:43 PM, Jan Wolter wrote:
> Hello,
> I mentioned that the creation date of nearly all my raw files are not 
> displayed correctly in the photograph properties view: the date part 
> is correct but the time part is fixed to "1:00 AM" or "2:00 AM" 
> depending on winter or sommer time. For read-only files like raw files 
> my digikam writes/reads all metadate to/from XMP sidecar files. 
> Currently, I use digikam version 5.7.0 (AppImage).
> When I take a look in the *.xmp files, I see the following entries 
> related to dates:
> exif:DateTimeDigitized="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> exif:DateTimeOriginal="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> tiff:DateTime="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:CreateDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:MetadataDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> xmp:ModifyDate="2014-07-29T11:22:08"
> photoshop:DateCreated="2014-07-29"
> All date related attributes except "photoshop:DateCreated" saves the 
> date including the time part. First question: Why is there a photoshop 
> related attribute? I use dk on a Linux machine, where Photoshop is not 
> present.
> In a deeper investigation of the problem, I noticed that the mentioned 
> problem applies only to all raw files which XMP sidecar files was 
> created by an older dk version (in my case dk 4.14.0). All "new" raw 
> files which sidecar files was created with digikam 5.x are displayed 
> correctly and the attribute "photoshop:DateCreated" includes the time 
> part. When I take then such a xmp file and change the attribute from
>   photoshop:DateCreated="2017-11-04T12:52:23"
> to
>   photoshop:DateCreated="2017-11-04"
> the properties view shows "11/4/17 1:00 AM" instead of "11/4/17 12:52 
> PM".
> It seems to be that digikam uses the attribute "photoshop:DateCreated" 
> exclusively instead of "xmp:CreateDate". From my point of view thats a 
> bug. Is it possible to fix it?
> Best regards,
> Jan 

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