One collection has disappeared from albums list

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at
Sun Nov 12 14:57:59 GMT 2017

On dimanche 12 novembre 2017 15:14:23 CET Marie-Noëlle Augendre wrote:
> Hi to everybody,
> I had a bad surprise today when opening Digikam: one of my external drive
> doesn't show in the albums list, though it still appears in the collections
> list. And it is mounted and regularly accessible via the files manager.
> Re-launch Digikam and even reboot the system make no change.
Just as a guess:
That external drive is an USB drive, and shows up on a different device number 
after reboot?
If that's the case, the identifier might have changed, so Digikam doesn't 
recognise it as the drive linked under that collection. Collections are a 
Digikam notion, and stored in its database/configuration, so won't be affected.

Again, this is just a (more of less educated) guess.


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