Moving a Collection, soft-linking to a Collection

Elle Stone ellestone at
Thu Nov 2 08:53:34 GMT 2017


The discussion in the "MariaDB 5 and 10 on Synology NAS" thread might be 
relevant to the following question, but I'm not sure because I don't use 
Windows or NAS.

A "Collection" is just the root folder in which all the "Albums" 
(subfolders) are stored. So two questions:

First question:

Is it possible to change the "Collection" location after making a 
digiKam database?

Let's say for example one copies the root folder to a different 
location, perhaps on the same drive, perhaps on a different drive. Is it 
then necessary to read all the images back into digiKam as new images? 
Or can the location of the Collection/root folder itself simply be changed?

If it makes a difference, currently I'm using Linux and sqlite, and the 
Collections are all on the same machine as the operating system.

I looked in "./config/digikamrc" for a line that allows to change the 
Collections location, but apparently this is stored in the database 
itself? If so, is there a way to edit the actual database (sqlite and/or 
mysql) to change the Collections location?

Second question:

Can a Collection be a soft link to a root folder that is someplace else? 
This would seem to allow freely moving the Collection from place to 
place by just updating the soft link - would this work?


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