MariaDB 5 and 10 on Synology NAS

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Wed Nov 1 18:03:02 GMT 2017

2017-11-01 18:18 GMT+01:00 digiman <rainer.barth at>:

> Hi,
> some time ago I tried mariadb on my synology NAS. It was damn slow and I
> got
> always error messages because I used it from Windows and Linux - finally I
> switched back to SQlite.
> So now I have two questions because I have now mariadb V10 additionally to
> version 5 on the NAS available:
> 1.) Is Version 10 much faster so it is worth to give it a try and

I use this kind of server on my host computer. It's enough fast to use but
i don't pass through the local network (only the localhost).

My NAS has an older Mariadb (old Debian for ARM). It's incredibly slow. So
it's same problem than you.

> 2.) is the problem with Windows and Linux working on the same DB solved so
> far?

No. The way to identify a collection in database is based on UUID generated
by KDE::Solid interface used everywhere in digiKam. under Linux you get
right UUID, under Windows nothing, or not the same. Solid work perfectly
under Linux. For MacOS, a huge patch is under validation into KDE bugzilla,
but it's not yet officially committed. For Windows, Solid is full of holes
in source code. This is the problem of KF5 framework where developers are
not interested to support non Linux system.

A replacement of Solid do not exists yet, as in future Qt version. I follow
the discussion, and digiKam is not alone in this case. Solid is a gateway
to the computer device, and is well designed. So Solid need to be fully
ported well for Windows, or, we need to use native Windows code inside
digiKam, that is don't like very well.

The Collection path is problematic as Linux and Windows are different on
this point. This is also a problem to solve (partially solved if UUID is
the same for both system).

Gilles Caulier

> Many thanks in advanced
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