Can't push to websites/digikam-org

Simon Frei freisim93 at
Thu Mar 30 13:07:28 BST 2017

No, I am wrong. I just tried to confirm my theory and pushed some minor
changes (added favicons) to master and it allowed me to do that. I hope
I didn't screw up anything...

On 30/03/17 14:02, Simon Frei wrote:
> I don't know what exactly your issue is, but I noticed that in contrast
> to the core repo there is the "typical brach structure" in place. This
> is probably because master will be directly pushed into production (?).
> Mica pushed his recent theme hacking to a feature branch. So I believe
> access to the master branch is restricted (which is a good thing if my
> assumption about production is true).
> Can you push your changes to a new branch?
> On 30/03/17 13:31, Dmitri Popov wrote:
>> So I cloned the repo with digiKam's new website using the following command:
>> git clone git://
>> I made some modifications and committed them. But when I try to do git
>> push, I get the following error:
>> fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported:
>> /websites/digikam-org
>> I have a KDE developer account, so I assume that I have write access.
>> Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
>> Thanks,
>> Dmitri

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