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Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at
Tue Mar 14 23:26:13 GMT 2017

OK, this sounds like you are trying to do the wrong thing. For photos on 
the computer, you add that location as a 'Collection' to digiKam, you do 
not 'Import' them. Importing will make a copy of the images and is used 
to bring in photos from an external source eg camera or flash card etc.


On 14/03/17 22:58, YGPC wrote:
> Hi
> I do have all the required permissions, like can read and write to all
> drives, so can't be that. I did in between writing back and forth get
> Digikam to find the Photos folder, click to import and all that was
> imported was the main folder, "Photos" no sub folders and it has
> duplicated the Photos folder about 40 times, each folder called photos
> being a sub folder of the previous!
> Have spent hours on this and about ready to just delete all and
> everything associated with DigiKam and look for something that works,
> unless you can convince me otherwise. I see I am not alone with this
> same problem
> Gregory
> On 15/03/17 11:48, Andreas T. Ege wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On 14.03.2017 22:05, YGPC wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Have just installed Digikam 5 on Ubuntu, my photo folder in on a
>>> separate drive (within the computer, not external USB etc) and Digikam
>>> can't "see" the other drive, just only sees the system drive so can't
>>> import. Any chance of a suggestion, if so, greatly appreciated
>>> Have tried ALL found suggestions, nothing works for me!
>>> Gregory
>> maybe some more information about the hard drive(s), system setup and
>> what "ALL found suggestions" that are not working are?
>> Besides the suggested mount possibility I would think about permissions
>> as a first step. You might have tried that, if running digikam as root
>> does find the drive/ folders it would suggest a permission problem.
>> Another try is to right click on one of the images in your folder and
>> "open with" digikam. At least you'd then know whether digikam can
>> actually "see" the images or not.

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