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Dr. Martin Senftleben drmartinus at
Thu Mar 2 16:31:33 GMT 2017


I guess this has been discussed and I missed it, yet I would like to
raise these two questions:

1. Why doesn't the subject line any longer include the starter
2. Why is there no info about how to get to the mailman page in the
footer section?

Both are useful for handling: (1), because I can easily sort by subject
and know, which threads belong to digikam and then decide which threads
are worth keeping for future reference and which not, and (2) in order
to manage my settings myself using mailman.
Now my inbox is just cluttered with mails from the list without being
distinguishable easily from personal or work related mail, which
basically raises my stress level (need to be more vigilant not to delete
the wrong mails).
It#s enough if one knowledgeable person answers to these questions, wild
guesses aren't helpful.

Thank you otherwise for a wonderful software which I unfortunately can't
use much in recent months due to a heavy work load... :-(

Kind regards


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