How Do I Rename an Album ???

BuckSkin dmnmcg60 at
Thu Mar 2 06:18:11 GMT 2017

BuckSkin wrote
> I have a couple albums/collections that I would like to rename.
> When I hi-lite the album in the left pane and open the "album" menu, the
> choice "rename" is greyed out and does nothing.
> I have tried every possibility I could think of and still cannot rename
> these albums.
> Using Windows 7; thanks for reading.

I figured out that I can rename collections/albums by going to Settings >
Configure DigiKam > Collections; choose the collection you wish to rename,
double-click it, and then you can rename it just as you would in any other

I hope this information is helpful to anyone else who might be needing to
change the name of a collection/album.

Thanks for reading.

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