Saving images in a new version

Michael Eschweiler michael.eschweiler at
Wed Mar 1 12:59:27 GMT 2017

Hi all,

I just updated my system from opensuse 13.2 to leap 42.2 with the
corresponding update of the bundled digikam (now 5.2.0).

Beside the strange behavior related localization  - my user has a German
localization, but some terms in the menues are in english, others in
spanish - there is another _very_ strange behavior:
After having finished to work on an imported foto I want to save it in
new version, normally in the directory above the directory where the
original foto is located. Let's say, the directory structure is the

  |- raw

Now I modified the foto 'test.cr2' from 'raw' and want to store it at
'20170228_Alaaf'. Normally the Linux syntaxis allows this by writing to
the Store-menue: "../test.jpg". This worked fine until the version which
came with opensuse 13.2 (4.6.) but now what digikam does is to save the
file at 20170228_Alaaf and at the same time it creates an internal link
or something similar simulating a subdirectory named '..'. Afterwards in
the album-menu you find this:


The newly stored file you will find it in both directories,
20170228_Alaaf and in 20170226_Alaaf/raw/..

You can delete, extract or copy the foto from each of both directories but:
Now, beware of trying to delete '..' because you'll loose the whole
directory '20170228_Alaaf' with all subdirectories.

Looking at the Linux system level there is no subdirectory below 'raw'.
Therefore I suppose this is an internal problem of digikam. Is there a
way to get back to the 'normal' behavior for the storing process.

Any help is appreciated!


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