Open lrcat file and create tag

Gabriele Ferrari (Yahoo) ferrarigabriele at
Sat Feb 18 23:00:40 GMT 2017

I installed a few days and I would leave Lightoroom digiKam.
I have a Lightroom catalog (.lrcat file) with almost 20,000 photos with georef and tags and i would
like to open it with digikam but I can not.
I can create an album in digikam: I find the coordinates but not the tags.
I searched the net but could not find how to solve.
I also tried to create tag but always comes the error that appears in the attached figure.
Again I looked everywhere but could not solve, nor find information.
it can be done?
Can someone help me?
Thank you

Use digiKam 5.4.0, Windows 10, Language: Italian

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