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Sun Feb 12 23:22:24 GMT 2017

That looks interesting. I do have a couple of suggestions though.
1. Click on the date should better show all images taken on that date. To edit date we better have an "edit" button beside.
2. Ratings. I don't see them in your spreadsheet. Are these 5 little squares in top right corner tags? I opened the document via Libre Office Viewer app for Android which is still pretty raw so I won't be surprised if it does not show some embedded pictures or symbols.3. I do like have Tags Tree uncollupsed when tagging my pics so Minimize/Maximize button would work best I think. When Minimized it looks and works just like you suggested. When Maximized it looks and works like it does at the moment.
Thanks for the awesome suggestion!Cheers,Andrey
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Hello everybody,

I'm not posting this on since I would like some discussion 
on this topic first.
I originally come from iPhoto and similar commercial apps. My workflow 
when importing images (and videos) into Digikam might reflect this a 
little - I find myself constantly switching between tabs in Digikam to 
perform simple image management / organizational tasks.

I think this can be improved a lot by modifying the layout and usability 
of Digikam's "Properties" sidebar (the top one on the right) and 
converting it into a summary-/ dashboard kind of sidebar which covers 
80-90% of all requirements in one single place. Currently it is just a 
list of image and file properties and not used for editing at all - 
which makes it kind of superfluous (IMHO).

I have created a mockup of how this sidebar can be improved by 
incorporating simple editing tasks. The idea is that for simple asset 
management tasks (adding titles, ratings and tags, editing dates and 
viewing basic image metadata) you *only* need this single sidebar. The 
idea is *NOT* to squeeze all possible metadata into one dialog.

This is a little inspired by  iPhoto's organization of metadata which I 
found quite usable.

Please have a look and tell me what you think.


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