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Is there a chance to have that option released in future? I think it is a must have option since digikam is DAM tool and all cameras are capable of recording videos nowadays.

Per this webpage: Exiv2 can read but can't write. They also say "Write metadata support for RIFF, Matroska and partial metadata write support for Quicktime video formats will be included in subsequent releases."

yes, progress to support video metadata is too slow. I already reported this wish in Exiv2 team, but the state is to delay to 0.27 some improvements in this way.

At least we need 0.26, which is not yet released since more than one year. This one fix more than 200 bugs, especially to stabilize video reading metadata. 

Note that current Exiv2 0.26-svn is included into digiKam bundles.

But there might be another tools out there that are already capable of reading/writing video files' metadata, e.g. exiftool ,ffmpeg, etc.

exiftool is perl tool. So no way to use it as well in C++.

ffmpeg is very interesting and as we use QtAV framework which is a Qt5 based interface to ffmpeg, this is the right alternative to, at least provide a better support of video metadata in read mode. 

I am particularly interested in reading/writing the following tags:
- Creation date
- Rating
- Keywords (tags)
- People (if possible)
- Geolocation (exiftool can do that see: )

Right now digikam seems to be unable reading/writing metadata from/to video files.

if you use digiKam based on Exiv2 0.25, yes. Bundle can be a better way to start, it's not perfect, but better...

Please let the group know your thoughts.

So, contacting QtAV team to introduce a metadata interface for video file is the way to go. QtAV is hosted in GitHub. Please report this wish to QtAV bug tracking. 

Thanks in advance

Gilles Caulier
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