unable to export to flickr

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 10:10:45 BST 2017


I'm running DK 5.6.0 on windows10

Few days ago I have sucessfully uploaded some pictures from DK to flickr 
using my account (I Was already on DK 5.6.0), but today I have a problem.

In the window "Choose the flickr account to use for exporting images" , 
the list of login is empty,  I don't see my login

So I tried to add another account, then my browser opened in flickr but 
no information related to DK autorization is provided (just Flikr home page)

At the end I'm getting several windows from DK and the last one is the 
error below "Frob unavailable , impossible to continue"

can someone help me ?



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