unable to export to flickr

frederic chaume frederic.chaume at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 09:24:26 BST 2017

Hi All

I have updated my mail

I'm running DK 5.6.0 on windows10

Few days ago I have sucessfully uploaded some pictures from DK to flickr 
using my account (I was already on DK 5.6.0), but today I have a problem.

In the window "Choose the flickr account to use for exporting images" , 
the list of login is empty, I don't see my login anymoire

So I tried to add another account, my browser has opened Flickr with my 
login, so I clicked on "I'm authenticated", but then I got an error 
message : "invalid Frob,unable to continue."
Any idea how to recover it ?

I have cleaned the cache of my browser , but no change

thanks for helping

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