Browsing by tag sometimes shows items with alternative tag

Mario Frank mafrank at
Tue Aug 8 13:55:47 BST 2017

Hi Meku,

can you check the following?

In menu View: is the option "include tag tree" (I do not know how it is
called exactly in the English version, I have the German one)

checked? If yes, images with subtags are also shown in the browser and
may have tag B.

Otherwise, do you have experience with MySQL queries?



Am 08.08.2017 um 14:46 schrieb meku:
> I am seeing some inconsistent behaviour when browsing items by Tags.
> Selecting a single tag (A) in the tree shows all items with tag (A)
> but also unrelated items with tag (B).  So far I have only discovered
> this happening for a few specific tags, but it continues happening
> after restarting Digikam.
> If I use the Search for tag (A) then it shows the expected results,
> it's only within the Tag browser that this issue is occurring.
> Using Digikam 5.7 appbundle with mysql.

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