Digikam 5.6 on ppa?

NeiNei neinei at gmx.net
Mon Aug 7 15:36:51 BST 2017

Dear Phil,

by chance, I found today in the Kubuntu backport ppa some evidence on 
DigiKam 5.6 for Xenial:


So I don't know whether it would be helpful or advisable to add the ppa 
to the software sources of the distro if it is not already there by default.


On 06.07.2017 21:11, Philip Johnsson wrote:
> Official xenial packeges will not likely get any updates like that of QT.
> What one could hope for is that there is an other reliable PPA with at
> least QT 5.6 for xenial that could be used as source for a special build
> of digikam with/for that. The kubuntu team have done backports like that
> before on their PPA but it mostly depends on if they need to update QT
> to build new versions of KDE. If they would do it then I could use it
> for digikam (as I have done in the past).
> /Philip
> On Jul 6, 2017 14:30, "NeiNei" <neinei at gmx.net <mailto:neinei at gmx.net>>
> wrote:
>     Thanks Philip für the further explanations.
>     So do you think that there will be any chance that at least QT 5.6
>     will enter Xenial LTS any time in the near future? Or would it be
>     more advisable to change the distro for example from Linux Mint KDE
>     to Linux KDE Neon in order to be  "on the safe side" with future
>     releases of DigiKam?
>     Thanks in advance for your comments,
>     NeiNei
>     On 06.07.2017 12:15, Peter Mc Donough wrote:
>         Am 05.07.2017 um 22:19 schrieb Philip Johnsson:
>             You need a reliable source of at least QT 5.6 for Ubuntu
>             Xenial to build
>             Digikam 5.6. Ubuntu Xenial use QT 5.5.1.
>         Thanks,
>         Peter

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