Reverse geocoding does not work. Was working earlier

Sandip P. Deshmukh deshmukh.sandip at
Mon Jul 18 06:48:04 BST 2016

I am running Fedora24 KDE Spin and digikam 5.0.0-beta7.

I have geotagged some images. So, they have a latitude, longitude, 
altitude, etc.

Now, I want to Reverse geocode these images so they are tagged Place/ 
India/ Maharashtra, etc.

So, I select the images, Item -> Edit Geolocation.

In the lower left half, I select the image and select the tab of Reverse 
Geocoding from the right.

I select Open Street Map (have also tried it with as 
service. And click on 'Apply reverse geocoding'

The left hand bottom section shows 'Modified' as status. I then 'Apply' 
the changes. But the image does not carry any place tags.

Earlier (before updating to Fedora24 KDE Spin), this thing went 
extremely well, without any error.


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