Migrating database to a new hard drive

chriscrutch at gmail.com chriscrutch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 00:48:34 BST 2016

I'm having trouble with my digikam 3.5.0 database.  I had a hard drive
failure and had to move all data to a new disk.  When I open Digikam,
it looks for albums based on the old disk's UUID.  I know I have to
change the UUID references in the digikam4.db file, and I've been
using this command to do it:

UPDATE AlbumRoots SET identifier = 'volumeid:?uuid = new_uuid'
  WHERE identifier = 'volumeid:?uuid = old_uuid';

The command does not give an error, but Digikam afterwards still gives
me the warning about the albums being gone.  Is the command correct?
What am I missing?  Should the UUID be typed with or without dashes?
Do I have the syntax correct? Spaces before and after the equals
signs, etc?

Thank you all.


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