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Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 12:18:13 BST 2016

I apologize if things work differently in 5.0 version (I'll have to upgrade
to Fedora 24 before switching to Digikam 5), I'm running 4.14.0 for the
As after any photo trip, I'm currently reviewing/sorting several thousand
pictures (more than 5600 from 3 different cameras) and am a bit hindered by
some GUI behaviour:

1) unless I'm mistaken, the filtered display is not refreshed in real time.
Thus, when I close the lighttable window after using Alt-1, Alt-2, Alt-3
keys to reject/accept pictures, the selection is not updated. I need 4
clicks to update it: open filters tab, click on any flag icon, 'unclick'
the same icon to restore the previous filter, then close the filters tab.
And more often than not, I've lost the position of the current picture, so
I've to browse the whole collection to go back where I was currently
Any other more efficient way to do the job?

2) when I'm doing this kind of work, I would appreciate to look as many
thumbnails as possible, but they shouldn't be too little so I can quickly
compare/select them; I currently display 7 of them by row on a 23" screen.
But the thumbnails information (name, dates, tags, etc) requires almost as
much room as the thumbnails themselves, and even in full screen mode, I get
only 3 rows at a time.
Would it be possible to have, some time in the future, a simple switch that
allows to hide/display all this information to either display thumbnails
only or thumbnails plus information?

Thanks for your answers,

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